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Veritas School is now accepting applications for the current and upcoming school years.


Veritas School welcomes applications for students of all faiths and backgrounds for Pre-School through Grade 9.  All parents interested in having their child(ren) attend Veritas School are required to fill in an application form.  Applications will be considered when the form is complete and the required documents have been submitted (including a recent report card, assessments, and/or IEP's as applicable). 


You may apply by downloading an application form here or by coming into the school office to pick up an application form.  Additional items, including a copy of the birth certificate, baptism certificate, etc. will be required, as well as a $25 application fee.

Wait lists to enter Veritas are common.  The order of acceptance includes Catholicity (student is baptized), siblings already in the school, best fit for the classroom.


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