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Veritas School is a Group 1 Independent School in British Columbia.  Group 1 schools received 50% of the per-student funding of the local public school district.  As such, reasonable tuition fees are charged.  Tuition amounts and fees are set by the Veritas Council and are modest amounts to ensure all families have the opportunity to be a part of the Veritas community.

It is with tuition collected that Veritas School is able to create an educational program that allows students the opportunity to reach their full potential in an environment of Catholic Faith and values.  Parents/Guardians agree to accept the responsibility for the cost of tuition, supplies, and other school activities upon enrollment of their children.

Click here to download the Veritas Council Tuition Policy.

Click here for Tuition Fee Payment Option Form.

Click here for Credit Card Tuition Payment Form.

Click here for Pre-Authorized Debits (PAD) Agreement Form.

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