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Mission Statement:  To support the school community in fostering quality education in a Catholic environment, where children have the opportunity to flourish and are inspired to reach their full potential and become responsible citizens and persons of God's creation. 
Short Term Goal:  Increase connections and strengthen relationship with Parish.
Long Term Goal:  Build the DDF.

The Veritas School Council, in conjunction with the school Principal and Pastor, overseas the operation of Veritas School.  The School Council meets on the second Thursday of every month at 7 pm in the Veritas staff room.  All community members are welcome to attend.

Chairperson              Richard Klein

Vice-Chair                 Flo Sheppard  

Secretary                  Lynn Cooper

Treasurer                  Erik Hernes 

Director                    Connie Araujo

Director                    Cindy Huff

Sept 2023 Minutes
Oct 2023 Minutes
Nov 2023 Minutes
Dec 2023 Minutes
Jan 2024 Minutes
Feb 2024 Minutes
Mar 2024 Minutes
Apr 2024 Minutes
May 2024 Minutes
June 2024 Minutes
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