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Veritas School is based on the Catholic Faith and is staffed predominantly by practicing and active Catholics with Christian values.  As a result, the warm and supporting community is felt as you walk in the front doors and throughout the school.  The principles of the Catholic Faith are woven throughout the daily program of Veritas School. 

Each class begins with morning prayer, grace before lunch, and a final prayer at the end of the school day, during which student participation is encouraged.  A religion program, as approved by Bishop Jensen, is taught in Kindergarten through Grade 9.  Our Kindergarten class follows an Alleluia program, Grades 1-3 follow the Gift from God program, Grades 4-8 use Alive in Christ, and Grade 9 follows Chosen.

One of the most integral parts of our school community is the celebration of Mass.  The school attends Mass once a month, with each class leading one mass per year.  Additionally, each class attends a second Mass each month with the larger parish community.  Parents are always welcome and are encouraged to attend our Masses and Celebrations  All school mass dates will be available on the school calendar. 

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